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I grew up in a household that had a mix of religions, my mom is a Christian but my dad is Jewish, neither of them pushed their beliefs on me though. My mom took me to church when I was little and my dad took me to my half sisters Bat mitzvah and we would celebrate all the Christian and…

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A little testimony, a little reminder.

One of the college groups I am a part of has set up a tumblr where people’s testimonys are posted. It took me a while to write mine because it has to be a miniturized version of your actual testimony. Telling my testimony to people never really phased me until recently, because I added a few things to it. These things I couldn’t really post in my short testimony because you would need to know the stories behind these things.

One of the new things was about love, whenever I talked about it I was always bitter because I’ve never been treated with respect by men, mostly Christian men. But after a lot of prayer and wonderful advice about Christian men from my Christian sisters I realized that my relationships were so cruddy because I always pursued the guy, yeah they pursued me a little, but I did most of the heavy lifting. The most recent Christian guy I was with I met at the apple store, he worked at the Genius bar and after he fixed my computer I asked him if he wanted to hang out after work, we hung out from 8pm-3am. It was wonderful, I thought I had met my soul mate. After being together for two weeks I asked him if we were going to make it official, he knew the last guy I was with strung me along for a year and that wasn’t what I wanted again. With his head down, like he was ashamed, he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Then I find out a little while later that he was pursuing me and a few other girls at the same time. Talk about breaking a girls heart, I was so crushed and thought I just wasn’t meant to be with Christian men, cause in my view they were all a-holes. But I learned that if I let a Christ loving man pursue me and pray over a relationship with me then that will be the relationship I’ve been waiting for because he actually went to our Father and prayed full heartedly about us… obviously I’m still waiting but it’s been wonderful falling in love with God and praying about my future husband.

Now the second part of my testimony that’s new. I mentioned it in my previous post about my health problems but didn’t mention it in my shortened testimony. When I was younger I had to take Human Growth Hormone and it can have some severe side effects later in life, one of the biggest being cancer. This is what the livestrong.com website says about long term side effects “Researchers found that the patients had significantly elevated risks of mortality from cancer overall and particularly from colorectal cancer and Hodgkin’s disease, a cancer of the lymph system, A separate study published in August 2004 […] reported that production of HGH by breast cancer cells facilitated cellular growth that could be sufficient to cause breast cancers to become invasive and metastasize.

Pretty gnarly right? Obviously I couldn’t add that to my little testimony without the whole backstory about why I needed HGH. But after having a positive outcome with dating I of course had to have one about the possibility of having cancer later in life. I kept thinking to myself:


When in reality I should be praising God and saying:


I was being selfish before and not giving it all to God. I’m blessed beyond belief that I am so healthy despite how unhealthy I am, I think you get what I mean. ;)
Writing that little testimony was a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am and how much God loves me!

I am so thankful that I was a part of the video team for this amazing album recording, there’s nothing like praising God with a bunch of amazing friends.